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Wishes On WHeels

At Mevert Automotive & Tire we occasionally acquire vehicles that require more work than what the owner is willing to invest in the vehicle and there is little to no trade in value on the vehicle. We sometimes purchase and/or receive these vehicles as donations from customers. We then repair them and typically make them loaner cars to offer our customers during service. However, It has been on our hearts for awhile to choose one of these vehicles each year and repair it and give it away to a family who is in need of reliable transportation. How are YOU involved in this process? By simply choosing us as your vehicle service provider you have made an investment in our services and because of that we are able to apply a portion of our profits to this cause. Thank you again for your patronage and your help in making someone’s Christmas a little extra special this year. If you would like to further assist in anyway please contact us. Stay tuned as we release the date and time that we will announce the recipient and award them the vehicle. Look for updates both on our Facebook page and on our website.

wishes on wheels at Mevert Automotive
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wishes on wheels at Mevert Automotive

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