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Preventative Maintenance in Steeleville, IL

Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle dependable and to locate upcoming problems. The manufacturer recommends certain maintenance at intervals to keep your vehicle running smoothly. We perform a complimentary health inspection on your vehicle when you bring it in to our auto repair shop for preventative maintenance.

Being proactive can save you money on vehicle repairs. A reactive vehicle owner doesn’t bring his or her vehicle in until something breaks. A proactive vehicle owner does preventative maintenance, which gives our ASE Certified technicians a chance to locate upcoming problems, giving you a chance to make repairs before the failing part causes more problems.

For example, if you change the brake pads when you first hear them squeal or after your mechanic tells you that they are getting low, you’ll save your rotors. In many cases, the auto technician can resurface the rotors. However, if the brake pads dig too much into the rotors, the tech would have to take too much material off the rotors, which makes them too thin to be safe.

Instead of buying new rotors, you could save by having them turned. Additionally, the risk of a caliper becoming overextended because of worn brake pads increases significantly, especially if the rotors are already thin.

When you need preventative maintenance, contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center for an appointment.

A car being looked over as part of preventative maintenance, byA Mevert Automotive technician

Mevert Automotive & Tire Center Complimentary Vehicle Health Check

Because we know how important it is to keep your family safe, we provide you with a complimentary vehicle health check. Some of the things our ASE Certified mechanic looks for include:

  • Normal and uneven tire wear. Uneven tire wear signifies too much or too little air pressure, an alignment problem, or a problem with the suspension.
  • Low brake pads and scored rotors.
  • Bad bushings in the suspension.
  • Issues with the suspension, including shocks, struts, tie rods and springs.
  • Oil leaks.
  • Coolant leaks.
  • Transmission fluid leaks.
  • Failing coolant hoses and heater hoses.
  • Alignment issues.
  • Power steering fluid leaks.
  • Brake fluid leaks.
  • Worn and cracked belts.
  • Check for low fluids and top off, if necessary.
  • Air pressure in the tires.

When we find upcoming issues, we’ll let you know if they need immediate attention or if you can put them off for a bit. Any fluid leaks should be attended to as soon as possible, especially oil leaks and coolant leaks, since they can cause extensive damage if you don’t keep the fluids topped off.

Preventative Service at Mevert Automotive and Tire Center in Steeleville IL.

The preventative maintenance we perform includes:

  • Oil and filter change.
  • Engine air filter and cabin air filter replacement.
  • Lube where applicable.
  • Balance and rotate tires.
  • Wheel alignments.
  • Tune-ups.
  • Brake pads and rotors.
  • Accessory belts.
  • Radiator hoses.
  • Coolant flushes.
  • Brake fluid flushes.
  • Power steering fluid flushes.
  • Transmission fluid flushes and filter replacement.
  • Fuel filter replacement.
  • CV axle boots.
  • Inspect and clean battery terminals.
  • Inspect and replace windshield wipers.

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When it’s time for preventative maintenance, contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.