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At Mevert Automotive in Steeleville, we understand that auto repair, including fleet repair, is stressful. You rely greatly on your car, and when something is amiss, your day often takes a turn for the worst. By easing your concerns, we strive to turn an unfortunate situation into a better one. Our auto mechanics will quickly and accurately repair your vehicle, so you are back on the Steeleville roads as safely and smoothly as possible. The guarantee at Mevert Automotive consists of few parts, including:

  1. 3-year/36,000-mile warranty: With this warranty, you can be confident in knowing that most parts and services you receive from Mevert Automotive will be covered long after you leave our auto repair shop. Any parts listed in your invoice which fail will be replaced within the warranty period, based on the date of the invoice. The warranty applies only as long as the vehicle is owned by the current owner. Any and all warranty repairs must be pre-approved. There are some limitations to be aware of, such as:
    • Only items charged for on your invoice are covered.
    • If together we agree to use lower cost or quality parts, the warranty is only for the duration that the part manufacturer provides.
    • Most used parts only have a 90-day warranty. There are some exceptions that we will go over at the time of service if applicable.

    We will strive to be always clear about anything that falls outside of our 36-month / 36,000-mile warranty. We will not proceed with any such work without your consent. If authorized to proceed, we will note the applicable work clearly on your invoice.

  2. In-Warranty Service: Per the Magnuson-Moss Act, your vehicle’s manufacturer is not allowed to require you to use dealerships for routine maintenance. If you’d like to get an oil change or other maintenance done at Mevert Automotive, it will not void your warranty.
  3. NAPA National Auto Care Warranty: If you like taking road trips, or end up moving from the Steeleville area, you’re still covered. With the NAPA National Auto Care Warranty, you’re covered by thousands of NAPA AutoCare locations across the country. This is included for free with qualifying service at Mevert Automotive.

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When you are searching for auto repair, we encourage you to consider Mevert Automotive. Our mission is your peace of mind. Integrity, honoring people, and attention to detail are the values we use to provide it. With a dedication to the reliability and safety of your car, you can expect our auto repair to be accurate and thorough, and with our commitment to earning your trust, you can expect our team to be honest, fair, and courteous. At Mevert Automotive, we will take care of you and your vehicle, so auto repair is one less thing you have to worry about. Mevert Automotive is located at 1014 West Broadway, Steeleville, IL 62288.