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Mevert Automotive & Tire Center – Sparta IL.

When you want the convenience of a neighborhood auto repair shop, bring your vehicle to Mevert Automotive & Tire Center in Steeleville for service and repairs. With dealer-level diagnostic equipment and all the tools and equipment needed, we can get your vehicle’s service or repairs done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

Auto Maintenance in Sparta IL.

Vehicles have thousands of moving parts. Keeping them running smoothly requires maintenance. While your vehicle is in for maintenance, we’ll also do a complimentary health inspection so we can let you know if you have upcoming repairs or something that needs attention immediately.

Maintenance includes changing the oil and filter, replacing air and fuel filters, transmission, power steering, coolant, and brake fluid flushes, alignments, and tune-ups. We’ll check for upcoming issues, such as worn brakes, tires, belts, hoses, worn or missing bushings, suspension issues and more.

Auto Repair in Sparta, IL.

While anything can break on a vehicle, some things need replacing more often since they are wear and tear items. Common repairs our ASE Certified technicians see include water pumps, radiators, thermostats, tires, brakes, rack or gearboxes, timing belts, timing chains, alternators, batteries, bushings, tie rods, air conditioning and heating repairs and power steering pumps.

We also see powertrain management issues such as sensors or ignition issues that we can diagnose with our dealer-level equipment. When you notice a problem with your vehicle, contact us for an appointment for repairs. If you ignore the problem, it could cost additional money in repairs. For example, if you hear the brakes squeaking and don’t replace the pads immediately, they could score the rotor bad enough, so you’ll have to replace it or could cause the calipers to overextend.

We work on:

  • Car and light trucks.
  • Light and medium duty diesel trucks.
  • Heavy duty diesel trucks.
  • RVs.

We also service fleet vehicles.

Complimentary Health Check

We perform a complimentary health check on every vehicle that comes into our shop. We’ll let you know if any issues we find are pressing or if they are upcoming in the next weeks or months. We do a visual check of several systems, including suspension and steering, brakes and tires, belts and hoses, and we check for fluid leaks, including coolant, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid leaks.


Our tire techs will check your vehicle’s tires to make sure they have the proper air pressure and for wear patterns. We recommend replacing the tires when they get down to 4/32 of an inch of tread left. If we notice uneven wear patterns, we can check for alignment or suspension problems. As part of the maintenance on your vehicle, we’ll also balance and rotate the tires.

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When you need service or repair, contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Repair Center for an appointment with one of our ASE Certified, or Master Certified technicians.