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Electrical Repair in Steeleville, IL

A battery inside a car, brought into Mevert Automotive. We take care of an electrical problems your car may have.

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The electrical system on your vehicle is a complicated system. One or more control modules send and receive signals for engine emissions, the ignition system, the charging system, lights, transmission, brakes, safety features, heating and cooling, and more. We diagnose electrical problems with various diagnostic computers.

If you believe your vehicle has an electrical problem or your service engine soon light is on, contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center, our Steeleville Il. auto repair shop, for an appointment for electrical diagnostics.

Common Electrical Problems

The most common electrical problem is in the charging system. Your vehicle’s battery is the part with the shortest lifespan. You need the battery to start the vehicle. In some vehicles, specifically newer vehicles, most systems take power from the battery. It’s not like the old days where you could keep driving after a jump start.

Our master technicians will work to diagnose electrical problems, whether your alternator is not charging, the battery is dead, the lights aren’t as bright as they should be or blink on and off, or the check engine light is on.

When you have an electrical problem, it could be an issue with a sensor, a control module, a consumer that is not working properly, or even in the wiring, though wiring issues are not common. The emissions system is the next common electrical system that sees repairs. The problem could be a sensor, or it could be in the ignition timing. If the ignition timing is off, the unburned gas in the exhaust is incorrect; in which case, the control module sends a code – this is just one example of a mechanical process affecting the electrical system.

Some vehicles have separate control modules and their own electrical systems for lights, the HVAC system, the transmission, door locks and windows, and the brakes. They are tied into the starting / charging / ignition system for power to the control modules. In some cases, the problem might be mechanical, such as a slipping serpentine belt not turning the alternator enough to charge the battery.

Our ASE Certified technicians will diagnose the electrical problem and repair the issue, whether it is a component, module, or wiring between the component and module or the module and its power source.

Control Modules

It’s rare that a control module goes bad, but it does happen. Depending on the type and age, you might have to replace the entire module, or you might have to replace the PROM. Diagnosing the control module takes several steps because it cannot diagnose itself – in most cases.

It might have an awful smell, like dead fish or sulfur, or it might set several unrelated codes that don’t make a bit of sense. We have diagnostic equipment that we use to test the control module for signals to determine if the module failed.

Contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center

If your vehicle has an electrical problem, contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center‘s ASE Certified technicians for an appointment to diagnose and repair the problem.