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Mevert Automotive & Tire Center – Full Service Auto Repair in Steeleville, IL

When you need a full-service shop that has dealer-level diagnostics, friendly staff and techs, and ASE Certified techs – including ASE Certified Master techs – who care about getting your vehicle repaired right the first time, visit our auto repair shop at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center in Steeleville IL. We service Sparta, Chester, Percy, Cutter, Rockwood, Blair, Walsh, Evansville, and Steeleville.

Why Choose Mevert Automotive & Tire Center in Steeleville IL.

We provide honest and transparent service. We do a comprehensive health check on your vehicle when you bring it in for service and repairs so that we can let you know if you have any upcoming repairs. We will also let you know if we see something that needs immediate attention because we want to try to prevent you from the inconvenience of breaking down. While we can’t see everything, we can warn you of the things we can see, including:

  • Tires. Whether you need new tires or you have uneven wear on the tires and need an alignment or possibly suspension work, we can warn you before the problem gets worse.
  • Brakes. We can do a visual check of the pads, rotors, and brake lines. We’ll also look for brake fluid leaks.
  • Suspension and steering. The problems we can see for suspension and steering include power steering fluid leaks, bad bushings, tie rods, and, depending on the problem, issues with racks and gearboxes. We can also see if you have upcoming issues with CV axles, shocks, springs and struts.
  • Belts and hoses.
  • Coolant leaks.
  • Oil leaks.

Auto Maintenance at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center

Keeping your vehicle maintained means keeping it on the road longer. And, it means that our mechanics can see if you have upcoming issues, including safety issues. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Replacing engine air filters and cabin air filters.
  • Oil and filter change.
  • Tune-ups.
  • Coolant flushes.
  • Transmission flush and filter change.
  • Power steering fluid flush.
  • Brake fluid flush.
  • Wheel alignments.
  • Balance and rotate tires.
  • Brake pads.

Auto Repair at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center in Steeleville IL.

Because of the many moving parts in an engine – and even on the vehicle, things tend to wear out or break. Some of the repairs we do at our shop include:

  • Timing belts and timing chains.
  • Water pumps.
  • Power steering pumps.
  • Brakes, including master cylinders, brake pads, rotors, calipers and brake lines. If you have an older vehicle, we also replace shoes, drums and wheel cylinders.
  • Suspension and steering including racks, gearboxes, tie rods, bushings, springs, struts, and shocks.
  • Air conditioning and heating, including heater cores, heater hoses, compressors, evaporator cores, condensers, accumulators / driers, expansion blocks / orifice tubes, and high- and low-pressure air conditioning lines.
  • Coolant system components, including the radiator, radiator hoses, thermostats and fans.
  • Sensors and control modules.
  • Plugs, wires, coils and distributors.
  • Wheels and tires.

Contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center

When you want quality service and repairs, contact Mevert Automotive and Tire Center for an appointment or, if you need a tow, have the tow truck driver bring your vehicle to us. Give us a call when the driver is on the way.