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Your Guide to Illinois Fall Car Care in Steeleville with Mevert Automotive & Tire Center; image of red car driving on road during an autumn day

Fall Car Care

Although autumn in Illinois starts relatively mild, the temps quickly grow frigid as the daylight becomes ever more scarce. So, if you want to be plenty ready for your cruises through the fall colors, it’s time to get your key maintenance tasks done at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center. As your top spot for fall car care in Steeleville, IL., we’ll handle all the following tasks at your visit to our auto repair shop.

Wipers and Lights

With the fall season comes gloomy days and plenty of rain showers that often make it difficult to see the road. Worn windshield wipers and dim lights can make matters much worse, too. Thankfully, you can count on our team to replace your wipers with a quality set and then top off your washer fluid while we’re at it. On top of that, we’re happy to restore your cloudy headlight lenses and replace all the burnt-out bulbs on your car.

Tire Services

As the rainy days start in earnest, it’s time to turn your attention to the condition of your tires. Without good tread, your tires could fail to push water out of the way, resulting in hydroplaning across even the tiniest of puddles. To avoid that, you’ll want to have your trusted Steeleville, IL. mechanic measure the tread and look over the condition of your tires. Our shop can help you find the best options for your car, driving style, and budget if they need replacement. Plus, we’ll keep your tires in great shape with regular tire rotations and wheel alignment services.

Brake Inspection

While driving in rainy conditions, you’re likely to notice a marked decrease in your stopping power. Worn brakes can make it even harder to stop on demand, putting you at risk of a collision. You can avoid learning about brake wear the hard way by having the entire system inspected at the start of the fall season. As your trusted auto tech, we will measure the brake pads and rotors, check the fluid, and examine the rest of the system. Then, we can complete your brake repair services in full to restore your car’s stopping power.

Heating System

All across Illinois, the temperature drop happens relatively fast, leaving you reaching for the heater controls sooner than later. To ensure that the system works perfectly when needed, have your mechanic inspect and test the heat right away. They will verify that the heat comes out of all the vents and reaches the right temp every time. If not, they can recommend all the repairs needed to restore the function of the heating system.

Time for Auto Repair in Steeleville, IL?

Whenever you need fall car care and auto repair in Steeleville, IL., call 618-965-9609 to reach our team at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center. We’re happy to help you find the best time to swing by for an inspection. With our help, you can get your vehicle ready for all your leaf-peeping adventures and other travels through the fall season. So, please feel free to reach out whenever you want to get your car prepared for the road ahead.