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Preventative Maintenance Tips to Make a Vehicle Last Longer in Steeleville, IL | Mevert Automotive & Tire Center. Image of two male mechanics doing preventative maintenance on a suspended in the auto shop garage.

With the expense of vehicles (even used cars), you’ll want to make them last longer. Good thing vehicle manufacturers have recommendations for preventative maintenance intervals. Mevert Automotive & Tire Center in Steeleville, IL is also ready to help with preventative maintenance and inspections before any issues leave you stranded.

Some types of preventative maintenance, such as keeping the engine clean and some lubrication, aren’t listed on a vehicle’s maintenance schedule. But they can help make the vehicle last longer.

Regular Preventative Maintenance in Steeleville, IL

Most owners know that their vehicles need regular preventative maintenance such as oil changes, lube, and tuneups. They are good about bringing their vehicles in for these items. 

Other types of maintenance are just as important. And we provide them in our Steeleville shop. They include:

  • Transmission flush and filter change: The clutches constantly rub against each other and drop tiny pieces of clutch material into the transmission fluid. Eventually, the transmission fluid becomes too dirty. You could end up stuck in Steeleville or elsewhere, needing a tow.
  • Flushing the coolant system: Even though the coolant might look “new,” it’s not. Its effectiveness at protecting the engine block decreases over time.
  • Flushing the brake system
  • Flushing the power steering system
  • Checking the belts and hoses: The heat from the engine and frequent temperature change tends to make the rubber dry out and crack. Additionally, belts stretch over time. Eventually, they stretch so much that the tensioner throw isn’t enough to keep the belt sufficiently tight.
  • Changing the timing belt as part of preventative maintenance routine: Different vehicle manufacturers have different mileage recommendations, but timing belts are commonly changed every 60,000 miles.

Other Preventative Maintenance to Make a Vehicle Last Longer

Preventative Maintenance Tips to Make a Vehicle Last Longer in Steeleville, IL | Mevert Automotive & Tire Center. Image of a male mechanic doing fluid change and refill on a black car in the auto shop garage.

Steeleville has various weather. For instance, during winter, many salt and chemicals get under the vehicle and on the engine and cause metal parts to rust. Keeping the engine and underside of the vehicle clean helps reduce rusting. 

Another good reason to clean the engine is to prevent fires. If oil and other fluids leak, the heat from the engine will dry them onto the engine. Once the fluids build up enough, especially oil, they could catch fire.

When cleaning the engine, cover electrical connections, coils, and distributors. Always follow the instructions on using Gunk or other products designed to degrease the engine.

Another place you should lubricate at least once every year is the door and trunk hinges. The lube keeps them from squeaking and minimizes rust on them. You don’t get as much water in the trunk, but the door hinges could see quite a bit over the years.

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When it’s time for maintenance or if you do not feel comfortable with other maintenance tasks (such as cleaning the engine and lubricating hinges), contact Mevert Automotive & Tire in Steeleville, IL. 

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