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A Dodge with a Cummins diesel engine is being repaired at Mevert Automotive

Although diesel trucks are not quite as needy as their gas-powered counterparts, repairs are inevitable, especially if you often put your vehicle through its paces. Regular maintenance services can slow down parts wear and prevent damage, but eventually, you’ll need to get diesel truck repair in Chester, IL. In most cases, it’ll be one of the following problems giving you a headache and demanding that you call for an auto repair appointment.

Hard Starts

When starting up your diesel, it’s normal for it to take a couple of extra seconds to heat the glow plug enough to ignite the fuel. But if you find your truck cranking and cranking before starting, then you may have a problem on your hands. The same goes if you notice your diesel cranking slower than usual. You could be looking at anything from a bad battery or starter to a failed glow plug module.

Power Losses

Despite their strengths, diesel trucks are pretty sensitive to changes in the fuel quality or the operation of their fuel delivery system. When fuel problems arise, your first clue is a noticeable loss of power. To fix it, you might need a new fuel filter, fuel injector service, or even repairs to your throttle linkage. Your auto repair Chester, IL professional will need to inspect and test the fuel system to determine the cause and recommend the right repairs.

Excessive Noise

While diesel trucks are delightfully noisy on a good day, changes in their noise levels could point to a developing issue. You also want to listen for unfamiliar noises, like knocking from the engine, because that’s often a surefire sign that it’s time for fuel injectors or other diesel truck repairs. So, turn down your radio for about five minutes per drive and listen up to get familiar with what your diesel sounds like. Then, report any changes to your mechanic in Chester, IL, so they can see what’s up and fix it fast.

Black Exhaust

Despite common perceptions, the black exhaust coming out of the tailpipe is never a good sign. Often, it signals a bad air/fuel ratio, leaving your truck with far too much fuel and not enough air to balance the mixture. You might be looking at a faulty injector pump, stuck EGR valve, or even a lousy turbo, so be sure to zip in for diesel repair at the first sign of an issue.

Need Diesel Repair? It’s Time to Visit Your Mechanic in Chester, IL

When you need diesel repair services in Chester, IL, you just have to call our team at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center at 618-965-9609. We’ll help you find the best time to bring your vehicle for our comprehensive diesel truck repair services. Our team will then track down the cause of the problem and help you get back on the road fast. So, please feel free to call us any time you need our help.