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Wednesday November 9, 2022

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Steeleville, IL – With winter just around the corner, vehicle owners are undoubtedly turning their minds to getting their cars ready for the harsher weather. And in Mevert Automotive, they have a reliable partner to offer a comprehensive service to keep them safely on the move.

The family-run and operated company offers fully comprehensive and efficient auto, tire, diesel, and RV repair services all year round. But now, fall and winter are upon us; the technicians urge drivers to ensure their vehicles are prepped.

The ASE-certified technicians can do everything a vehicle requires, from a tune-up and an oil change to engine diagnostics and more complex work to ensure clients can drive with confidence come snow, rain or shine. And they recognize that tires are an essential addition, so they ensure they have a well-stocked center for all your needs.

Mevert Automotive’s staff know their stuff. While the auto repair center is AAA-Approved, their quality service has also been recognized and named NAPA Shop of the Year in the Midwest.

Company owner Matt Mevert has taken time out of his busy schedule to provide several handy tips and hints to ensure the proper car care is given as the seasons change.

With the fall season comes gloomy days and plenty of rain showers that often make it difficult to see the road. Worn windshield wipers and dim lights can make matters much worse, too. The team can replace wipers with a quality set, top off your washer fluid, and replace all the burnt-out bulbs on your car.

Without good tread, tires could fail to push water out of the way, resulting in hydroplaning across even the tiniest of puddles. To avoid that, their technicians are on hand to measure the tread, look over the tires’ condition, and offer the best options to suit your budget and car.

He also recommends drivers take time out to get their brakes inspected. “While driving in rainy conditions, you’re likely to notice a marked decrease in your stopping power. Worn brakes can make it harder to stop on demand, putting you at risk of a collision,” he said.

Mevert Automotive’s staff can also an in-depth inspection of the heating system to ensure it is in good working order. If not, they can recommend all the repairs needed to restore the function of the heating system.

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