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Maintenance Practices for Diesel Trucks | Mevert Automotive & Tire Center in Steeleville, IL. Closeup image of Cummins diesel engine. Concept image for diesel truck maintenance.Maintaining your medium-duty diesel truck means it spends less time in the shop for repairs. Ignoring to do so can lead to quicker wear and tear of internal engine and transmission parts. It can also lead to leaks, overheating, and other significant issues. 

Diesel engines are built better than gas engines because they have components that can withstand much higher compression. Suppose you want the diesel to last more than a few hundred thousand miles. In that case, you must follow the manufacturer’s maintenance requirements regardless of whether you drive a Cummins, Duramax, or Powerstroke

Maintenance is more important with “severe” driving habits, like towing a lot, driving in the mountains, or mostly highway or city driving. Some manufacturers also recommend severe driving maintenance schedule if you go a lot on gravel roads. 

Oil and Filter Change

Because a diesel engine uses compression instead of spark to ignite the diesel and air mixture in the cylinders, they tend to burn dirtier. This means the oil gets dirtier. 

Thus, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil and filter changes to ensure you keep the internal engine components adequately oiled.

Coolant Flushes

Keeping the engine cool goes a long way in ensuring you hit the million-mile mark with your diesel truck without extensive diesel repair. Antifreeze becomes ineffective after a time, so your vehicle could freeze or overheat easier if you do not change the coolant when recommended. 

Moreover, the plain water will rust the engine’s interior if you have a water leak and do not replace the coolant.

Fuel System Maintenance

Maintaining the fuel system is another vital piece of maintenance for diesel trucks. Most people know they have to change the fuel filter, but not many realize that they also have to clean the injectors.

A dirty injector won’t spray an even pattern, may constantly drip into the cylinder, or may not work at all, causing the diesel truck to run rough. Keeping the fuel filters and injectors cleaned minimizes fuel system repair.

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