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Diesel fuel filter box and rubber tube of the diesel engine system in the car People who drive vehicles with diesel engines do so because they want a workhorse with excellent torque, durability and better fuel economy. When you keep up with the maintenance on a diesel engine, it will give you that and more for many years. As with gas engines, diesel engines need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently.

Mevert Automotive & Tire Center in Steeleville IL provides diesel truck maintenance for individuals and fleets. Contact us at (618) 965-9609 for an appointment for diesel truck maintenance Steeleville. We are conveniently located at 1014 West Broadway, Steeleville IL 62288.

Warm it Up, Steeleville!

Always allow a diesel engine to warm up before you start driving. It allows the oil to thin out a bit and circulate better, especially in cold weather, as the colder it gets, the thicker the oil gets. Thicker oil is harder for the oil pump to pump through the oil galleys in the heads. Letting a diesel engine run for a few minutes before you put it in gear and leave allows the oil to thin a bit and thoroughly coat the engine before you increase RPMs.

This is not something you have to worry about as much in the heat of the summer, but during the fall, winter and spring, when temperatures are lower, it’s good practice to let a diesel warm up.

Check the Fluids

Always keep an eye on the truck’s fluids. If they run low, just as with a gas engine, you could cause damage to whichever fluid runs low. If the antifreeze is low, top it off with antifreeze, not water. If you keep adding only water, you won’t have the proper mixture of antifreeze to keep the engine from freezing in cold temperatures and overheating during the summer.

Diesel engine maintenance also includes checking the engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid and transmission fluid. Mevert Automotive & Tire Center sometimes has coupons for diesel truck maintenance. Always check our website before scheduling an appointment to see if we are offering coupons or specials for the maintenance or repair you need.

Replace the Fuel Filters

Always check the fuel filters and replace them pursuant to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you notice condensation built up in the filter and it’s not time to change it yet, contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center to schedule an appointment to change the filter as soon as possible. You don’t want too much condensation to build up in the filter, or you could end up sucking water into the fuel system.

Replace the Air Filter

Diesels need to breathe. And, when you let the air filter get clogged, the engine can’t breathe and might not run properly. At worst, it won’t start, and at best, you’ll get lousy fuel economy when you leave dirty filters in.

Change the Oil

Never ignore oil change time frames on a diesel, especially if you drive the truck every day or if you drive hundreds of miles per day. Fleet vehicles could put a crazy number of miles on an engine during the day. The dirtier the oil gets, the less lubricating properties it has. Diesels, especially turbocharged diesels, require excellent lubrication. When changing the oil, you should always change the oil filter.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Maintenance

heavy-duty diesel truck engine is no different from smaller diesel engines in smaller trucks or diesel-powered passenger cars. You need to provide regular maintenance as with any other vehicle, other than they might be more likely to have to follow the severe driving maintenance schedule, depending on what you use the truck for.

Transmission Service

Keeping the transmission maintained is just as important as keeping the engine maintained. Check your owner’s manual or call the shop to learn what the maintenance interval is for a transmission flush and filter change.

As with engine oil, if your driving falls under the severe category, you’ll have to flush the transmission and replace the fluid and filter more often than normal driving. If you tow a lot or drive in steep mountains, you’ll need to follow the severe maintenance schedule.

Contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center

When it’s time for diesel truck maintenance or repair, or you need tires for your vehicle, contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center in Steeleville IL, for an appointment by calling (618) 965-9609. We are conveniently located at 1014 West Broadway, Steeleville IL 62288.