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Steeleville Coolant Flush

Is your vehicle in need of a coolant flush? If you’re not sure, bring your vehicle to Mevert Automotive in Steeleville, IL for an inspection. If we see that your fleet vehicle or personal vehicle requires a coolant flush, we’ll communicate why we recommend doing so. Our team of ASE-Certified auto mechanics will be happy to handle your coolant flush needs, as well as any additional auto repair and fleet repair.

Why should you bother with a coolant flush? When coolant circulates throughout the pipes for long enough, it can get dirty and begin to lose the viscosity that allows it to flow easily. Also, the coolant becomes more acidic over time, and it can start to eat away the insides of the pipes. To prevent damage to your engine, we recommend doing a routine coolant flush approximately every 50,000 miles, depending on your type of engine, driving habits, the length of your daily commute, and so on. Coolant flush can be part of your factory-recommended major service, but it can also be recommended sooner if there are apparent problems.

Here’s what two of our happy customers had to say about Mevert Automotive in Steeleville, IL in a recent 5-star review:

“You have to appreciate small town courteous service. Highly recommend them.” -- Bruce and Deb

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Our auto mechanics and service advisors are ready to answer your questions about why a coolant flush is important for your vehicle. Just call Mevert Automotive. You can find our auto repair shop at 1014 West Broadway, Steeleville, IL 62288. Once you arrive, we have complimentary beverages and WiFi for you to enjoy. With our quality workmanship and our positive customer service experience, we are confident you’ll be pleased with how the Mevert Automotive team handles the repair and maintenance of your personal and fleet vehicles.