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Steeleville Auto Computer Diagnostics

Computer diagnostics and electronic testing are the best ways to “crack the code” about what’s going on with your vehicle. At Mevert Automotive in Steeleville, IL, we are well-known in the region among all auto repair shops and dealerships, that we know our stuff when it comes to computer diagnostics and electronic testing. Often, we’ll have other shops and dealerships send tough diagnostic issues to us because they know we’ll find a way to fix it.

How did our team of ASE-Certified auto mechanics get so good at computer diagnostics and electronic testing? It all started with Matt Mevert’s passion for auto racing. You see, when you start off as a kid tinkering with all things mechanical, and you grow up to be a dirt track auto racer who would build a “mechanical masterpiece” from the ground up, you get to understand automotive technology really well. How do we know the race car is a mechanical masterpiece? Because of how many races Matt has won over the years.

So what does dirt track racing have to do with computer diagnostics and electronic testing? Simple. If you can’t determine what your personal or fleet vehicle is trying to tell you with the software codes its generating, you’re more or less working in the dark. But because we love solving tough auto repair and fleet repair problems, our team of auto mechanics jumps on challenges like kids waking up to presents on Christmas morning! It’s what fuels our passion for auto repair.

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Our auto mechanics and service advisors are ready to answer your questions about computer diagnostics and electronic testing. Just call Mevert Automotive. You can find our auto repair shop at 1014 West Broadway, Steeleville, IL 62288. Once you arrive, we have complimentary beverages and WiFi for you to enjoy. With our quality workmanship and our positive customer service experience, we are confident you’ll be pleased with how the Mevert Automotive team handles the repair and maintenance of your personal and fleet vehicles.