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Are Your Dashboard Warning Lights Shining Bright?

The gauge cluster on your dashboard gives you all the info you need to enjoy safe travels. Sometimes, the info is not exactly what you want to hear, however, like when your dashboard warning lights are glowing brightly. When that happens, something has gone wrong, prompting you to get it checked out at your trusted Steeleville IL auto repair shop. Wondering what the dashboard warning lights might be trying to tell you? Here’s a look at the most common ones.

Coolant Temperature

At ideal operating temperature, your car’s cooling system should remain in the 195 to 220 degree Fahrenheit range. When it exceeds the upper limit, your coolant temperature light will turn on, letting you know to pull over right away. Continuing to drive after that point could result in severe damage to your engine.

Transmission Temp

The fluid in your gearbox also needs to stay in the ideal range to prevent damage to its internal components. As it rises to over 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the transmission temp light illuminates to alert you to the issue. If you keep driving after that, the seals could harden, plates could slip, and clutches may burn out, resulting in the need for transmission repair or replacement.

Oil Pressure

Oil must continuously circulate through your engine to keep all its moving parts fully lubricated and at the ideal temperature. If its circulation stops, pressure levels drop, turning on the oil pressure light. You could have a damaged oil pump or a blockage in your oil galleries, so stop driving and have your car towed into the shop for an inspection.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light lets you know if the sensors on your motor detect an issue, like a misfire, compression loss, or even just a loose gas cap. Your tech will need to do a little bit of investigating to figure out the cause. Unless you notice knocking or have other dashboard warning lights, it’s likely safe to limp it into the shop. If you’re not sure, get a tow or call your Steeleville IL auto repair shop, Mevert Automotive & Tire Center, to see what to do.

Other Dashboard Warning Lights

Depending on its year, make, and model, your car likely has many other dashboard warning lights waiting for their chance to keep you well informed.

Each one connects to smart sensors that monitor your car’s:

  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Traction control
  • Battery and electrical
  • Power steering system
  • Airbags
  • Seatbelts
  • Diesel glow plugs
  • Tire pressure

Some cars even have warning lights that let you know your windshield washer fluid is low and in need of a refill. If you’re ever unsure what the warning lights on your dashboard are telling you, just ask your auto technician at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center.

Have Illuminated Warning Lights on Dashboard? Let Mevert Help

When any of the warning lights on your dashboard are illuminated, that’s your sign it is time to get to Mevert Automotive & Tire Center Steeleville IL. Our experienced auto technicians will track down the problem and find a solution that works for you. Through that process, we hope to provide true peace of mind as you get back on the road and continue on all your travels. If you’re ready to schedule your visit, just give us a call at (618) 965-6909 or fill out our online form.