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Pickup truck with open hood, Car engine Truckers should always complete a pre-trip inspection before they leave on a trip. During the trip, they should also do a pre-trip inspection each day before getting on the road. Inspections help catch potential problems before they can cause an accident and also help prevent expensive repairs.

pre-trip inspection can be performed by mechanics or by the drivers. Always log a pre-trip inspection, whether you do it yourself or have an auto technician do it. If you need an auto technician to complete extensive pre-trip inspections on an individual truck or a fleet of trucks, contact a dependable and reliable truck repair shop.

1. Brakes

Always complete a comprehensive check of the truck’s braking system, including visually inspecting the brakes and working the brake system. You should also check the brakes on the trailer. After an in-cab check, be sure to check the brake adjustment, brake chamber air lines, and seals on the trailer and glad hands. An experienced brake tech at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center can repair the brake systems on trucks.

2. Safety Items

All trucks should have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. Check the date on the fire extinguisher to ensure it hasn’t expired. As for the first aid kit, check it to ensure it remains well stocked and any items that have an expiration date are not expired. Finally, make sure both items are secured in the cab so they stay where they are. If they move around, you may not be able to find them when you need them.

3. Wheel Chocks

It’s easy enough to drive off without picking up the wheel chocks. Always double-check that you put the wheel chocks away before taking off. If you forget them, you could damage the chocks and tires, and you won’t have them when you need them for your next inspection.

4. Reflectors and Lights

Check all reflectors and lights before you leave. Reflectors increase the visibility of the vehicle – make sure none are broken or missing. You’ll be safer while driving and stopped and will avoid a violation. Don’t forget to check any reflective strips to ensure they aren’t damaged or covered with dirt and dust.

5. Seatbelts

As part of fleet maintenance, check the seatbelts every day to ensure they are working properly and are not damaged. Look for frayed edges and tears. Also, check that the seat belts lock and release properly.

6. Tires and Wheel Lugs

Most drivers check the tires on the truck and trailer every day, but many neglect to check the wheel lugs. If they come loose, a tire could come off and cause an accident. Loose wheel lugs also cause extensive damage to the truck or trailer. If you see rust, the bolt hole could be widening. And, if you have painted rims and see rust dripping after it rains, have an experienced diesel truck maintenance technician check the wheels, lugs and tires. You could have a severe problem if you see rust or signs of rust.

7. Mirrors

Check all mirrors to ensure they are in one piece and can move freely. If you have to adjust them, but they are frozen in place, it is a safety hazard.

8. Trailer Couplings

Check the trailer couplings to ensure they are working properly and that the trailer is securely attached to the truck. Where applicable, keep the couplings greased so that the trailer attaches securely.

9. Load Tie-Downs

Not only should you check load tie-downs before you leave to ensure they are tight and placed in the proper strategic places to hold the load securely, but you should also check them every time you stop before you get back in the truck. Tie-downs could come loose while driving, especially if you drive on rough roads. Make sure none of the tie-downs are frayed or torn and that the locking mechanisms are working properly.

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Pre-trip inspections can save you a lot of money since you’ll find potential issues before they cause more damage or an accident. Not only should drivers perform a pre-trip inspection every day, but fleet managers should have their trucks inspected by a professional on a regular basis. Contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center at (618) 965-9609 to discuss your inspection needs. We are conveniently located at 1014 West Broadway, Steeleville IL 62288.