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4 Duramax Diesel Repair Tips Every Truck Owner Needs to Know. Private Pickup car Chevrolet Corolado Duramax.You can increase the life of your Duramax diesel by keeping these repairs in mind. You might be able to do some of them yourself – but for those who can’t, Mevert Automotive & Tire Center in Steeleville IL can do the Duramax diesel repair and maintenance chores. Common issues include issues with the fuel lift pump, water pump, and fuel injectors. Easy maintenance you can do yourself includes topping off the diesel exhaust fluid and changing the fuel filter.

1. Fuel Lift Pump

The direct injection fuel system on the Duramax diesel uses a CP3 fuel injection pump. While the pump is reliable, it’s not very strong – and it has two duties. Lift the fuel from the tank and pressurize the fuel. Upon acceleration, the pressure in the fuel rail drops as the injection pump can’t keep up with the demand. You can repair this issue by adding an aftermarket lift pump to the fuel system. It will also make the Duramax engine last longer, improve performance and reduce emissions. For Duramax diesel repair near me, visit Mevert Automotive & Tire Center, as we can install the aftermarket lift pump for you.

2. Water Pump

The water pumps in the newer Duramax diesel engines have plastic impellers that often fail. Once the impellers fail, the pump no longer pumps water, and the Duramax will overheat. The water pumps are also known to leak, which also causes overheating. The best fix for this is to find a water pump with metal impellers and have your auto tech at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center, a Duramax diesel repair shop in Steeleville IL replace it – these water pumps perform better, which increases the life of the engine as it keeps it cooler.

3. Fuel Injection Issues

The Duramax diesel is also known for issues with fuel injectors – they tend to crack and have faulty ball seats. Both issues cause the injectors to leak, which causes excessive smoke, loss of power and rough idling. The only way to rectify this issue is to replace the fuel injectors. It’s not an easy job for the novice. An experienced auto tech at Mevert Automotive & Tire Center can replace the injectors for you. You can make an appointment by calling the shop or scheduling online.

4. Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Not everyone wants to or can perform maintenance on their Duramax diesel engines. However, two pieces of maintenance most people can do themselves include refilling the diesel exhaust fluid and replacing the fuel filter. Refilling the diesel exhaust fluid is as simple as purchasing the DEF and pouring it into the DEF tank. Some trucks have access under the fuel door – look for the blue cap. The other place you can find the DEF tank is under the hood. It’s usually toward the rear of the engine near the firewall. Look for a blue cap. Don’t overfill the DEF fluid – only fill it until it touches the bottom of the funnel. Check the readout on the driver information center to ensure the DEF shows full. The other easy maintenance item is changing the fuel filter. It is under the truck along the frame rail, usually on the driver’s side. In some cases, you might find it behind the rear axle. Place a drain pan under the filter, loosen the filter cap using an Allen wrench and let the fluid drain. Remove the filter cap and the old fuel filter. Clean the filter cap and the housing well – any dirt or debris that gets into the fuel system could cause issues with the fuel injection system. Insert the new filter and O-ring and replace the filter cap. Prime the filter by starting the truck and allowing it to idle for five minutes.

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Keeping your Duramax diesel well-maintained and in good repair means that it will last you a long time. Whether your Duramax is your daily driver, a work truck or a farm truck, it needs regular maintenance and will most likely need repairs as things wear out, including brakes, suspension parts, water pumps, fuel injectors and more. Contact Mevert Automotive & Tire Center for an appointment, or if you break down, direct the tow truck to bring your Duramax to us. We’ll get you fixed up and back on the road as soon as possible. You can also check our site, as we frequently have coupons for maintenance and repair.